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8 min readJun 11, 2023

I started, seriously, using Leads Leap again 2 days ago (since this writing) and I am now on my journey after reading some members’ testimonials. Also, I read the story about Edward Keyte and others who have profited from using the leads leap traffic generation system. I had been an inactive free member of Leads Leap years ago using only the basics. I found the site again. I immediately signed up again.

Leads Leap creates Sign-ups, Opt-ins, and sales for my offers through their advertising system as a free member. As they click for credits, which do take more work, free members can also profit. To earn their ad credits, you must invest a little effort into advertising your websites.

Leads Leap takes care to stay up to date by continuously introducing new tools that keep the platform modern and user-friendly.

Landing Page Builder

A smart landing page builder is one of the nicest gifts Leads Leap has given. It is a simple drag-and-drop feature that enables you to add text and images wherever you like. Beautiful lead capture pages may be made quickly… Fully customizable for any type of business, with the option to construct your own from scratch and use attention-grabbing images or custom photos. Use only photographs that are connected to the text of your offer.

List management system

It is simple to use the list management system. It takes some getting accustomed to it, but after some time, making a new list becomes a usual process. A free member can send their email to a list of recipients, but until they upgrade, they are unable to set up automatic follow-up messages. However, if they understand how they may get ready or have a share code ready to mail to autoresponders when they conduct an upgrade. How does this list management system function then?

A verification email will be sent to the person who subscribes to the list you’ve created automatically. He will automatically receive your first email after confirming his email. Then you can send him an e-course or follow-up message every day or every few days (it’s up to you). You established this once and for all. Then, utilizing a list broadcasting tool, you can send them a compelling offer or let them know about your most recent blog post.

Marketing Funnels

It’s simple to broadcast to my leads, and I appreciate having control over the broadcast’s timing. To calculate email open rates, timing is crucial. All those other list-building services are no longer necessary. The autoresponder does an excellent job of delivering messages on time. It is feature-rich and simple to set up. A true professional design, I might add.

Link Tracker and Pop-up Tool

This ‘first-of-its-kind’ link tracker can tell you if you’re getting real visitors and how long they spend browsing on your link, unlike traditional trackers. By automatically displaying our ads in your tracked link, you can monetize it as well and receive credits and PPC earnings when they are clicked. (View FAQs). A pop-up’s ability to gather leads is special and valuable. It is flexible and responsive, and you have complete control over the style and presentation of your website. This means that you may build your list while marketing other people’s programs by inserting a popup to your affiliate links that you track!

What is a Link Rotator?

Your Tracked Links can be rotated using Link Rotators. Based on the importance you’ve chosen, visitors to your Rotator will be routed to one of the links there. Can I expect traffic from the link rotator? No. A tracker, that is. It tracks the traffic it receives while rotating links. It will not send traffic. Instead, you need to send traffic to it so that it has things to track. How do I add a Rotator? Make certain you’ve already added a few Tracked Links before you add a Rotator. Nothing can rotate in the absence of that.

What is an Ad Bar?

Ad Bar is a horizontal bar with a link to another offer you have that appears at the top of your tracked link. Therefore, why employ an Ad Bar? You can cross-promote your offers using an ad bar. For instance, you might have a limited-time offer that you can advertise to all of your visitors. You can simply create an Ad Bar and have it displayed in all of your Tracked Links rather than changing all of your links, which might also require changing your advertisements. In this manner, you can run a second promotion in addition to your current campaigns. Another use of Ad Bar is to leverage other people’s content for your promotion.

PDF and Images Hosting

Have you ever wanted to host your images and lead magnets in a convenient location? Leads Leap provides this convenience feature for upgraded Pro members. These images/PDFs can be used in your broadcast and autoresponder emails.

Spillover Followers

The spillover followers are another excellent feature; they are a secret gift and surprisingly profitable. You might get a new upgraded downline follower because you automatically get free followers. Therefore, advertise to your followers every day. When a free follower upgrades to Pro, I now receive a recurring income from their paid membership because they were referred by me.

What is Free Money and Encash?

An additional tool you can utilize is a blog with our ad widget added to it. It functions much like a PPC program. You gain revenue when users click and view the advertisement. Daily credits are generated by active members who click credit ads on the Leads Leap website. With just 10 credits you make money and with just 50 credits you can either advertise or encash your credits and make money.

Is This System MLM?

Leads Leap is a 10-level network used only for lead generation. Our membership is a one-level affiliate scheme, and joining is free. Getting started as an affiliate is free.

It is not a safelist overloaded with tons of emails. We are NOT a mailer system. No one can email another member.

“Then, how do I contact my 10 levels of followers? Leads Leap has a unique, sustainable, and annoyance-free communication system that allows you to reach out to 10 levels of your followers unobtrusively. “

‘It’s a really intelligent way to stay in touch and therefore tutor and promote upgrading without annoying them. ‘

Within the downline message, you can point your free members to your review of Leads Leap as a daily reminder to upgrade. It will open a new way for your blog to be profitable to your downline over time.

And it’s a unique way to link to your reviews from your offline blog website, which I hope, is highly promoting your Leads Leap’s all-in-one Marketing System.

This simple one-line one-way downline message system is more effective and more sustainable than member-to-member email or even a private posting message. And it only takes 5 minutes to do a daily update.

Search Engine Traffic

Leads Leap operates a search engine-optimized Social Review Directory. A proven way to get quality leads is by writing product reviews and getting traffic from search engines. An established authority website,, occasionally adds new and original reviews. It is a great resource when looking for different reviews from real people. A member’s personal touch has more credibility than traditional advertising.


In this area, Leads Leap excels. With over 120,000 members, your ads will be frequently shown throughout their expansive network (even in emails sent from Leads Leap itself). This is a targeted, global audience that is constantly growing. Think about it! Your ads and reviews not only appear on the website itself but, also on many other websites because they are shared and rotated within the PPC widgets and spread across the network and the entire World Wide Web. There is a significant probability your ad will display and get clicked on, somewhere.

Therefore, Leads Leap is an excellent platform for all marketing requirements. If you have experience with other list builders and autoresponder systems, Lead Leap will be like a breath of fresh air in its simplicity and ease, especially for those who are tired of spending way too much for too little. As a one-stop, all-in-one marketing website, it’s a real deal that delivers results.

The Social Review service on Leads Leap is another source of reliable targeted traffic to your website offer. Many of the reviews found on Leads Leap have been ranked on the first page of Google. You have the chance to be seen by thousands of people and get frequent clicks on your site thanks to the reviews that are rotated throughout the search engine results, some of which are on the first page.

I am impressed with Leads Leap since they are focused on giving their members outstanding assistance and unique products. Support tickets are investigated, promptly responded to, and even made available to members via blog posts.

What I don’t like:

It would be fantastic if they could offer a video version for those members who preferred such a medium for learning and understanding because there is already too much material presented in text form.

As the only “unavailable” functionality for the free member is the Email Series or automated messaging, they should not be complaining about it as the rest of the tools are already so powerful. Becoming a PRO member is the proper move if they are serious about the business they are working in.

Final Verdict

These free marketing tools are for genuine business purposes and should not be taken for granted. Make sure to carry out your initial intentions once the account has been created. Give it at least 90 days before making your final decision.

Make contact with your sponsor so that they can assist you in getting things going quickly since they are already platform users. Who knows, they might be the ones who help you achieve the online success you’re after.

I’m so happy I learned about Leads Leap. I’m always discovering new features and advantages, so I would encourage anyone who is on the fence to go up for the free membership. Since it’s free, there’s no excuse not to try it.

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